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Originally posted on Back to Uganda:
Our time at the school was shorter today so in my extra free time I thought I would share some photos with you all! Sheila and Liz…

Lutalo Kamunye

Originally posted on Back to Uganda:
Yesterday I was ever so close to hitting the send button to update you all about how we are doing but then poof, the power went out.…

After the Fondren Urban 12 Hour Ultra

My 12 hour race turned in to a 5 hour 50k. Just not my day for 12 hours of punishment. The Blue Moon was a fitting end to a 31+ miles of running.… Continue reading

The Mississippi 50 Mile Trail Race

It’s a lot easier to quit a 50 mile race when you have to run by your car four times during the race. Torture really, that builds with each passing. At the 2014… Continue reading

Top 10 Questions I Thought of While Reading The Age of Context

I first heard about Google Glass on twitter and was immediately intrigued. Right around that same time I started tuning in to Google+ more frequently on my Chromebook. It was not long before… Continue reading

Is a Chromebook a Real Computer

Microsoft has taken aim at Google’s Chromebook which is the ultimate sign of respect for a competitor. If Chromebooks were not a threat to Microsoft, then they would not bother to spend millions… Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search – Privacy Concern or Not

I’ve been doing some research on Graphical Search, what it is, how it works and what I or others can do with it. I quickly came across a few blog posts that really… Continue reading

Mississippi River Marathon Race Recap

Leg cramps come on in one of two ways for runners. There are the sudden ones that just grip you with violence. One moment you are running, the next you are hobbled or… Continue reading

Is Facebook Violating Your Privacy?

You might be wondering about the uproar over Facebook and their “graphical search” capability and the impact on privacy issues. In reading The Age of Context by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, I… Continue reading

2014 Mississippi Blues Marathon Race Recap

On January 11th, 2014 I ran in the 7th Annual Mississippi Blues Marathon. This was my 7th of 7 Blues Marathons and my 10th marathon overall. I ran a PR time of 3:31:07… Continue reading