The Dirty Secret

Been on a quest to figure out why I have this urge to write on social media and blog and share what I know about the world and it’s been dawning on me s-l-o-w-l-y.  Embarrassingly slow as a matter of fact, but a blog I read by Sacha Chua helped me put the pieces together.

In a separate knowledge binge I have been learning about what Knowledge Management is and it was boring an ho hum and then Sacha explained what Knowledge Management in the Internet 2.0 (she called it Enterprise 2.0 because she was giving a lecture to an MBA class at the time) is all about.  It’s about becoming an expert.  In an age of open access to information, the person who talks about what they know becomes an expert.  That’s the dirty secret about all these bloggers is that we secretly feel like we have something that other people need to know or should at least want to know.  We are happy to share it and over time people find the things we write about and if we are consistent and helpful, they start to see us as someone with expertise on a subject and Voila! a blogger is born.

I have to confess I am cheating on this blog with another blog.  My first blog is over at where I write about my running life.  I’m not completely convinced that I want to be a running blogger, so I am starting a second blog about knowledge and learning and what I am interested in and I’ll just see where the two go.

It’s a horse race.  I’ll compare the statistics and decide what to do.  Should be interesting to compare number of blog posts, word counts, traffic etc and see where my time and effort says I should go.

Enough.  Have to make myself quit writing so I can read, so I can sleep, so I can get up and drink coffee and run and go to work and get on the internet and blog and quit so I can read and ….