Spiral Me

Welcome back to my blog.

Sometimes I don’t blog because I want to come up with a pithy title before I start writing the post.  Fail.  I find it easier to just write the blog post and the title just comes to me as I type.  This blog is going to be about the things I am learning and sharing those things and in the process learning more.  Spiral Learning.  In the product development world spiral development refers to the process of rapidly developing an early version of the product, reviewing it and incorporating changes and rapidly creating the next version.  That’s my hope anyway.  Learn, Share, Learn from the Sharing, Share More, Learn even more from sharing.  You get the picture.

So here are a few topics I am learning about right now and plan to share about in the coming weeks:

  1. Quantitative Easing (QE)

  2. Enterprise 2.0 (or using social media at work)
  3. Google Drive

  4. Google Forms

  5. Klout

  6. Google Glass

  7. Chromebooks

  8. Google Keep

  9. Tagboards
  10. Vine

There’s a lot of Google stuff and that’s probably telling about where I am right now with tech.  Klout and the social  influence scene has been interesting. Vine is taking off and I read this week that it has gobbled up a big chunk of the market pretty quickly.  I work @raytheon where social media has begun to make it’s way in to daily work life.  Two years ago the company launched our own walled garden called RSpace which provides a platform to connect with co-workers and blog and share about what you are working on.  I think it’s awesome and getting better.

Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you here again soon.

Pat (Spiral Pat)