Is Chromebook a Good Choice?

Welcome to my blog.

There’s never going to be a right time to start something.  You just start.  I feel like I know just about next to nothing worth sharing on the internet.  I am a complete newbie here.  I can’t code.  I’ve barely kept up with the latest frontier in social media and internet technology.  It seems daunting to think of the hours of research, reading, experimenting, conversations and relationships needed to develop competency at a meaningful level.  Right now I am just open to all topics of interest but hoping that I am drawn to something I cannot pull myself away from. I am inspired by many of the people I have read and follow on the internet and want to keep learning and figure out how what I am learning will help others.  Social media has to exist to help other people in some way to discover value in their life or it would not work.  So I started something recently by getting my first Chromebook.

I read a review this morning about Chromebooks.  It was written over six months ago and referred to a $449 Chromebook and was mostly critical of the device.  I stumbled on the blog posting while searching for the best way to do something on a Chromebook, can’t remember what it was I was looking for.  I am typing this posting on a Chromebook which I bought six weeks ago for $229.  Why buy a Chromebook?  Here are your choices Apple, Windows-PC and Chromebook.  Here’s how the decision worked for me.

Apple: No, too expensive.  Most people over pay for Apple machines that do way more stuff than they will ever use just so they have an Apple product.  I’ve owned them in the past and they were good machines, but not worth the difference in price.  I have read the articles on resale value and total cost of ownership and that’s all fine if you have the time and motivation to sell used computers.  I don’t think I can overlook the time and expense of selling a used computer.  Bottom line the competitors products are as good or better than what Apple offers at a significant price break and I don’t make enough jack to waste it on impressing people with the logo on a box.

Windows: No, too complicated.  All of the computing I do at work and at home, up until I bought the Chromebook, was either done on my blackberry or a windows machine.  Why I have a blackberry is a topic for another blog post.  But dealing with Windows for over a decade now, I have learned all of the issues and idiosyncrasies of this technology.  Basically windows is too clunky and tries to do too much for what I need.  In the end I experience reduced performance, excessive virus threat, instability, slow boot, frequent reboot and expensive aftermarket software.  I even downloaded and installed Ubuntu on my last PC just to see how it would compare.  Ubuntu is a topic for another posting.

Chromebook:  Yes, just right.  Why I bought this machine?  It’s inexpensive and delivers everything I need in the right size package.  It’s fast and so far very reliable.  I have read some about speeds slowing down with Chrome over time due to caching design, but no problems for me so far.  The only drawback for me is the Blackberry.  In order to work perfectly, I need to convert to an Android phone which is something I really want to do.  Then I can integrated music and podcasts and that’s all I need.  Chromebook and Android.  Right now I still have a Windows PC desktop running iTunes to keep my music and podcast subscriptions.

Next up for me is Google Glass.  Saving up for my first pair now.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you found this helpful.