Week in Review – April 7, 2013

Making the leap.  The leap to non-windows, non-Apple technology. I feel like I am leaping to the future.  I know that it seems crazy and maybe I am wrong.  Apple just feels like an idea that at one time was novel and somehow hyper respectful of individuality.  So I am learning about Android, Chromebooks and Linux and what I need and can and can’t have.


Macey and Trusty at the Mississippi Braves Game

Here’s my week in review:


  • CMMI – Planning improvement wave 1.  Big meeting next week with leaders from major production sites to review and hopefully validate plans to put improvement infrastructure in place.
  • Created network map of technical document nodes and edges using open source Gephi software.  That was fun.
  • Expanding use of internal social media tools.  Developed communication and sharing plan for AME conference in San Antonio next week.
  • Began tracking line by line detail of activity at work in excel spreadsheet.  Capturing time, description, location, activity, purpose and category.  Plan on collecting for a while then start using pivot table for analysis.  Thinking about nodes, edges and network diagrams too.


  • Enrolled in Coursera MOOC on Machine Learning which starts April 22nd.  That gives me a couple of weeks to figure out how to get my old windows PC cleaned off and Ubuntu running to I can program on it in R programming language.  Fun!
  • Created Tictrac profile and linked tracking sites to it.  Also started porting Garmin data on to Garmin connect.


  • Added a little more speed this week.  I’d say I am 95% recovered from marathon season.
  • Posted all my workouts to Shapeupraytheon for our at work challenge.  Met all my goals.
  • Tweeted all my runs @runflyingpig marathon relay in 27 days.
  • Ran in to the Bettiga’s on a run and walked with them for a few minutes.  Pleasant.  Love to see them.  Great people, great fam.


  • Lunch with the Pettit’s.  Got caught up on the goings on and all.  Great time.
  • Went to church with family.
  • Encouraged Auburn gymnastics team and my daughter after loss at Regionals.  Much better this year.  Building for big time run at Nationals next year. Exciting!
  • Mississippi Braves game at Trustmark park and picture of Macey with Trusty the mascot.

Thanks for reading.  Keep sharing and learning.