Bad Ubuntu, Bad


Frustration is where I arrive when I have what seems like a common, simple problem to solve and plenty of solutions with people who are saying that it works and the solution still does not work.  That’s been my experience with Ubuntu.  This is my first post written from a browser running on Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions or as I have learned to call it a “distro”, short for distribution.  Thought I would share my experiences with the Ubuntu set up for those who have or are thinking about trying it out.

My Setup
I had an older HP Pavilion a510N desktop still running Vista, so I had a perfect system to try this on.  Windows had gotten so slow that I was going to have to do something drastic like reinstall the operating system, so I decided running Ubuntu would be fun AND “free”.  I had played around with Ubuntu last year on an old Compaq laptop so I had a thumb drive installer that I had already made and had experienced Ubuntu in a dual windows/ubuntu environment.  After backing up my key files on an external hard drive I was ready to start working on the PC.

First Time, Second Time, Third Time’s the Charm

When I told the PC to boot from the USB and restart everything went along fine.  Eventually I was presented with the option of installing along side windows or instead of windows.  I had already decided to wipe out windows and the hard drive and start over with Ubuntu, so I selected that option.  I was then presented with a choice to also install some additional add ons or options, two to be exact.  Seemed like a good idea, so I checked the boxes and started.  I did not realize that the PC was no longer connected to the internet and that Ubuntu was trying to download some files, but after a while I figured something was wrong and minimized some screens and noticed the problem.  I entered my wireless modems password and the internet connection was established but the install just seemed hung.  After a very long wait and searches on my chromebook about ubuntu installation time I decided to restart as nothing was responding.  2nd attempt – similar result.  3rd attempt I decided to not flag the additional software and see how that worked and it did.  I was able to load and run Ubuntu.

Not a Seamless Experience

Two problems I noticed right away.  1. The media content on my daughters favorite website CBS Sprout Online did not work. 2. Youtube and other videos from Facebook would not play.  More searching the internet and 6 hours of repeated attempts at all of the solutions that have “worked” for others, have left me well frustrated.  Still no games on Sprout, no videos on YT or FB.  Grrrr.

I’m sure I will figure it out eventually, maybe before HTML5 fixes all of the worlds problems with Flash.  I’m just loosing interest in reading the same things on different Ubuntu forums and getting the same failing results.  Guess I need to find a real live person who knows this stuff that come do some old fashioned PC service and fix it.  The stuff that works in Ubuntu is great.  The PC is very fast compared to windows and music and other internet, PC and programming (R programming language for a class I have coming up) is working fine.  I do plan to explore and learn more about the system and perhaps stumble on the solution to my video and media issues.