Week in Review – April 21, 2013

This is more like two weeks in review since I had a family emergency last Sunday night which preempted blogging.  Thinking back over one week is not too much of a problem.  Seems to get really foggy when you add that second week in there.  Adding a time tracking entry.  I have been tracking my time at http://www.quantifiedawesome.com and summarizing my activity weekly.

Summary of Time Tracking from Sun 4/14/13 to Sat 4/20/13 

Category                                           Hours
Work – Raytheon                             48 (Travel, Work Dinner)
Sleep                                                 39 (5.6 per night, rough week, need to work on this)
Discretionary                                  30.8 hours (Family, Learning Ubuntu Linux Distro, Relaxing)
Personal – Routines                       12.0
Unpaid Work – Commute              6 (1.2 hours per work day)
Personal – Run                                5.3 (I commute more than I exercise, sad)
Unpaid Work – Home                     1.8 (yard work, computers, finances)
Unpaid Work – Errands                 1.6 (Carpool kid, Cell phone shopping)

Observations on Time Tracking

  • The 48 hours of work was actually over a 4.5 day work week, so that’s too much.  Working on managing that better.
  • Already mentioned getting more sleep.  Shooting to keep that at 6.5 hours per night consistently.
  • Discretionary time felt extremely unproductive.  Considering setting specific times to do Unpaid Work – Home.

CMMI continues to dominate the focus.  The team I am on is called the Operations Process Group.  We presented initial plans for the next 60 days of planning activity to management and received the go ahead and funding to get started with the next phase.  Headed to Dallas this week to work with the team on project plans.  Lot’s of uncertainty with this project.  We all know how to run projects but there remains a lot to learn about how to do this.  The key is going to be scope management.  Just get enough done to initiate the system and first round of improvements and then build from there.

Reading at http://linuxcommand.org/lts0020.php to learn about the shell commands for Linux.  Spent a good bit of time learning Ubuntu 12.04 LTS over the last two weeks.  Also created an Ubuntu 12.10 USB boot stick and tested it on my sons netbook.  Worked fine. Learned a little bit of object oriented coding material and played around with http://beta.scratch.mit.edu/

Running has been great.  I have enjoyed getting speed work back in to the weekly regimen.  Getting an interval workout and at least one tempo run in.  Keeping my 400 interval times down in the 5:35 range.  Need to stay focused on this to do well in my 2 mile race coming up in June.  Right now I am two weeks away from running the Flying Pig Marathon relay with Dave and Kim in Cincinnati.  That’s going to be a fun trip. Took first place in the Masters division of https://www.facebook.com/BrickStreetRace see photo above.


Went to my first ever Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs meet up in Madison week before last. Enjoyed getting to talk to people about technology and business.  I think I was able to help a small business owner there that night.  Very energizing event for me.  Raytheon’s YESNET (Young Employees Success Network) had a get together at The Crawdad Hole in Jackson last Friday.  Very fun time, at way too much.  Had such a good time, went back with the family this past Friday.

Overall I’d say a very balanced two weeks with a lot to look forward to coming.  Keep learning and sharing.