Androids Battle Raring Ringtails

Ubuntu Makes Aggressive Move

Ubuntu Makes Aggressive Move

Just watched a video about release of the newest Ubuntu 13.04 distribution known as Raring Ringtail.  I just love the names Cononical comes up with for there software. Fascinating stuff and it’s all open source or in other words even non-software savvy types will understand – FREE! Two things that really stood out are the phone and the major PC makers now shipping laptops and desktops with Ubuntu installed.  So this has some obvious ramifications and some that may not be so obvious. To whom does this represent a threat?

1.  Windows – Yeah so if you get a computer and you have two choices for an operating system, one is free, forever fast, does not need anti-virus and is stable, as in you don’t ever have to reboot your system, you’re probably going to go with the free version.  At least you would think so, but that’s really not always the case.  There are some barriers to entry for some people no comfortable with trying the newest thing.  Ubuntu support is generally a frustrating experience when it is needed, not that windows or apple support is not. So it is still the top choice for techies who just want to have a unix based look and feel operating system.  But, the phone, this makes things interesting.  Ubuntu on mobile devices is definitely an entry point to PDAs and laptops.

2. Chromebook – Yep, the very device I am using to type this blog post.  Why is Ubuntu a threat to the most recent threat to the most recent….well you get it.  Because you can’t run Ubuntu on a Chromebook obviously.  I have a Chromebook and I recently converted my desktop from Windows to Ubuntu 12.10.  What’s my next laptop purchase?  It’s not, it’s a tablet.  Will it run Android or Ubuntu? Both?

Windows and Apple will continue to fight over a smaller and smaller portion of the pie for operating systems.  I am short over the very long horizon on both Apple and Microsoft because while they understand the move to mobile, they have not yet understood the move from software to service and that’s where the open source offerings are creating the future of the market.

For me it’s now a choice – Android or Ubuntu.

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