Week in Review – April 28, 2013

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Just a few quick facts about this week:

States visited: 2 – TX, CA
Country Music Legend Passed Away: George Jones
Significant Purchases: Kindle Fire
What’s New: Published my first responsive web design site at http://www.strikingly.com/patthomasson#1

Busy week.  Here’s the summary.

Summary of Time Tracking 4/20/13 to 4/26/13 (www.quantifiedawesome.com)

Summary of Activity Times

Summary of Activity Times

Observations about this weeks time summary:
– Work included traveling to two states and a long awards ceremony Thursday night so the time is really high.
– Good week for sleep overall.
– Learning was gobbled up by work on my new website.  Fun!


If I showed you the chart of my work activity you would see that the CMMI Project is the largest part of my activities.  This week I was at the APC site in Texas Sunday night to Thursday morning at a workshop to work on two activities: Organizational Process Focus (OPF) and Organizational Process Definition (OPD).  Monday was frustrating because we had one of those situations where a team member has missed some key meetings and decided to revamp all of the plans we made.  Tuesday we got back on track and got a lot done.  Thursday morning I headed to LA to attend the SAS Excellence in Operations, R6Sigma and Quality (EiORQ) Awards at the Mariott in Marina Del Ray.  Caught up with a number of employees I don’t get to see very often including some of my favorites like B, T and M.  Program was good.  Food was so-so.  The view was amazing with a tenth story rooftop panorama at sunset.  Tiring day because with the two hour time change supper started at 8pm central.  Yawn!  But seeing old friends made the night fun and relaxing.

Marina Del Ray

Marina Del Ray

Sunset in Marina Del RayLearn

Work learning this week was focused on CMMI.  I did get a couple of RSpace blog posts out this week including my customary weekly report.  Made several knew connections in my work network.  RSpace network connections are up in the 80’s now with probably half from outside of the site I work in.  Personal learning time was spent building my Simply Striking website.  http://www.strikingly.com/patthomasson#1 This was pretty easy.  Hardest part is finding some images if you cannot reuse the ones they provide and writing the copy.  This website will be fairly static and will point you to my blog, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and any other future projects.


Race Week!  I ran my first 5K in many weeks in Clinton, MS and won the Masters division of the Baptist Healthplex Brick Streets 5K with a time of 20:18 (6:33 mile pace).  Not my fastest time but I was happy given the hills and the fact that I’ve mostly been running marathons lately.  Saw some great runner friends like B, M, C, D, J.  Race was pretty well organized although we got started a little late.  Free food and coffee always a plus. Gearing up for The Flying Pig Marathon Relay

Masters Division Winner (40-49 year old)

Masters Division Winner (40-49 year old)


There was a heavy social content to work and running this week with the awards banquet and a Saturday morning race so I didn’t really have to plan any social activities.  The rest of social this week was spent with family and social media. Missed the Jackson Tech Entrepreneur Meetup this week because I was on travel.  Bummer.  Hoping to be able to make these and other Jackson area meet ups often.

That’s all for now.  Have a great week.  Let me know how I can help you.