Week in Review – May 5 2013

I’m typing this on May 12th, not good when you are reviewing a week that ended seven days ago.  Oh well.  Trying to get in to a regular groove has been difficult.  Probably because my format is to cumbersome.  I can knock a blog post out if I just sit down and think and write.

Quick Facts about the week ending May 5th:

States visited:  4 – AL, TN, KY, OH
Most memorable meal: It’s a Tie! – Chaney’s Dairy Barn outside of Bowling Green, KY and my first Cincinnati Chili at Blue Ash Chili in Mason, OH (thanks to my brother on the tip on the chili)
Big Event: Ran the relay in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon with my brother, my sister-in-law and a friend.
What’s New: Tictrac

Work: I’m supposed to be spending a good bit of my time at work on the CMMI project, but that has been near impossible.  It’s a frustrating project because I don’t think there’s much point in even starting down this path unless we are committed to some significant change.  So far seems like it’s mostly business as usual, just trying to institutionalize existing behaviors and processes. Just seems like we are missing the boat on this one and I have not figured out how to steer us in the right direction.

Learn: Had to back out of a Coursera course on machines that learn from information they collect.  Just too much going on at home to be willing to add organized stress in to my life.  Still working on Ubuntu.  Trying to learn how convert my Garmin files (.gmn) in to .tcx format so I can upload them to the Garmin Center.  I’ve got the instructions, but cannot figure out how to make them work.  I’ll get there though and write about the steps the people who wrote the instructions are leaving out for newbies like me.

Flying Pig Relay team 2013

Run: Easy week training wise because I was resting up for the Fly Pig Marathon relay.  We (me, D, K and D) had a great race.  Team GOT

75 ran in memory of my Dad, George Orin Thomasson who passed away last Christmas Eve at 75 years of age.  GOT75 finished in a time of 3:19:13 finishing 8th out of 321 Coed teams and beating our goal time of 3:20.  Yay!  It was a great race, friendly people, so happy about the results.  I ran the 6th fastest 4th leg out of 522 competitors.

D, D, K and me.  GOT75 3:19:13

Social: Big week for family.  We stayed with my brother, his wife and two daughters in Mason, OH. My other brother and his wife also came up to Mason with their five kids.  I brought two of ours, so there were 14 of us together in my brothers house, which fortunately was huge.  Our niece who is in college at Miami Ohio also came by on Saturday, so we had 15 family members together for a while.  It was an awesome time.  Here’s the note my nine year old niece who lives in Mason wrote to us:

C wrote this note using a window marker during our visit to her house in Mason, OH the first weekend of May, 2013.

Dear Everyone
Thanks for coming to visit me, A, K and D! I had a LOT of fun with all of you! I can’t wait til you come back to see us at the beach! This was probably the best weekend EVER! I’m so glad you were able to come!
See you,

Chloe window note