The Best Choice at Work

Sitting here staring at this computer screen seems abnormal even for me. I’ve noticed from tracking my time that when I travel I commute less.  I stay in a hotel that’s normally about ten minutes from the work site, with heavy traffic.  Gives me a chance to simulate life without my typical two hours of daily commute and I like it.  I get more stuff done. The time is offset when I travel by the time it takes to travel, but I can still get a sense for what work days with shorter commutes would be like. I did notice that one thing I do not do with the extra time is sleep more. My average hours of sleep is unchanged on weeks when I have shorter commutes. Personal routines are longer, probably because I have to go somewhere for meals. I write more.

Work is stressful, but today I was able to accomplish some things and that makes me feel better. I’m not ever excited about just marking time and I’d rather be making something significant happen. Endless postulating about what could be in ideal situations and uninformed mockery of plausible ideas is tiresome, bring weariness on my like a shroud of gloom. But I’m not a gloomy person so I press through and have faith that the principles I hold to are infallible over the long haul, because they are. I choose to relax, have fun and be undaunted by weak dialogue and ill made plans. There are many things I cannot control and my reaction is more the result of my own expectations than the actions of other. So I’ll expect more from myself. I will deliver fewer words with results that are spectacular and I will choose happiness.