What Words Say in the Cloud

I created two word clouds today.  One is a word cloud of my twitter feed that I got using the facebook report on Wolfram Alpha (www.wolframalpha.com).  It is fun to look at.  I think it’s an attractive way to recap and think about how I have spent my time recently and where my thoughts and energy has been directed.  Conspicuous in ways for the words you see and the ones that are not present.

socialmediawordcloudClearly the Flying Pig Marathon Relay was mentioned frequently as was my sister in laws twitter handle.  We ran together and I was tweeting my training runs over the last couple of months.  Raytheon get’s a pretty sizable plug as work should.  Words like Via and Today are curious.  There are some other funny ones in there.

At work we have a social media collaboration tool called RSpace.  It includes blogs and I rspaceblogtagcloudblog at work about what I am working on and learning about.  The blog generates a word cloud of the “tags” used to describe the blog. It is not as pretty as the Wolfram Alpha word cloud but it’s also interesting to consider what it is saying. Shown on the right here, the words are darker if they get more mentions and always show up in alphabetical order.  CMMI, Process Improvement and Operations pretty much sums it up.

Check out the facebook report on Wolfram Alpha.  The word cloud is just one of may charts and graphics the tool generates.

What are your words saying about you?