Sprichts du Deutsch oder etwas anderes? Learning German….again.

I’ve been on again off again with the German language since high school.  I’ll start working on it and then fall away from practicing.  I need some way to make it useful or interesting to me to stay interested in it.  Since there is no one to talk to in German, then reading is probably the next best way for me to make it something I can stay engaged in.  I bought a children’s fairy tail in German and started reading it as a way to work on my grammar and vocabulary.  I have the book open on my Kindle Fire and next it I have Google Translate open.  As I am reading I can type words or sentences in to Google Translate and see the translation.  Works well so far.  My retention has not been great so I am reading and translating sections two or three times.  It is very slow, but it works and I am definitely learning.  At any time I can switch the content on the Kindle to something different and just keep reading and translating. Aufwiedersehen!