Weekly Review – 5/19/13

ImageTraveled this week for work to Dallas Sunday evening through Thursday night. Here are some of the highlights of the week:

– Big Events: I had my 47th birthday. Slipped by quietly as my birthday’s normally do.
– 2nd Place in the Masters division of the Run Up for Downs 5K.
– Got my first Android phone and ordered my second one.



Time Tracking:
Sleep: 50.5 hours. Averaged 7.2 hours per day including a couple of 5.5’s during the work week.
Work: 50 hours this week including 12 hours of travel.
Personal Routines: 18 hours.
Discretionary Time: 20 hours with Family, Movies and Relaxation taking up the most time.
Unpaid Work – 18 hours.  Lots of errand running and work around the house.

Work – See my recent post updating the work on the CMMI Project by clicking here. Breaking in a new boss which is always a challenge for my patience. Makes me introspective and forces me to think about how I am perceived and how well I am reacting to the situations that come up. I feel like my career is moving sideways and I am about to leave behind one of the two things that really motivates me about work. Precarious career times indeed. I will do more thinking and writing about this topic.

Learn – Finally started moving forward with learning about Android phones by getting one.  I asked for two things for my birthday: 1. A cheap unlocked Android phone so I could play around with it (load Ubuntu, experiment with personal data tracking, other). My son found an LG GT540 which is an early version of Android.  It is a serious clunker of a phone but great for experimenting and starting out with playing on the phone but I learned everything I needed to know in 48 hours, so I ordered a Galaxy S (just and S) last night which should be here Wednesday. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be posting photos and videos of Ubuntu running on my Galaxy S. As the week wound down, I did some reading in German using Google Translate to help and learning about text editors and the UNIX shell. Of course I continue to learn at work about CMMI and applying CMMI for Services to the Operations function at large companies.

Run – Really did not run very many miles this week, but the week was definitely highlighted by the Run Up for Downs 3.21 Mile race at Old Trace Park in Ridgeland, MS.  I decided at 2PM on Saturday to run this race which began at 6PM the same day. It was the first year for the race and so I had low expectations. What a pleasant surprise. This was an excellent event. I was the only person from my family at the race as usual, but it was a perfect event for the entire family. They had lots of great food, a DJ, balloon jumps and silent auction. I covered the distance in 19:46 which was a personal record and got an awesome award, a beautifully painted, hand made coffee mug, by the folks at The Mustard Seed.









Social – Mother’s Day was Sunday so we spent time celebrating with my wife and my Mother-In-Law. I also made a couple of other blog posts this week and responded to a lot of birthday well wishing on FB which I enjoyed doing. I have a growing number of FB friends from high school and it’s actually been fun catching up with them.