Lowering My 5K PR

I wrote recently about the patience and valor of running and I am not in my opinion a patient nor courageous runner, well at least that is my estimation, which is what you would expect from an impatient runner, naturally.

Brooding recently about what I can do differently in my training to gain more speed and lower my 5K PR.  Decided to decrease the distance of my intervals and add in some hill work and train in my flats more often.  I know that I have changed three variables at the same time which means if my race times change, I won’t really have a clue what led to the change, but see my previous sentence about impatience for illumination of my stupidity.

This mornings 6.3 miles included 16 intervals of distances varying from a shortest of 0.12 miles to a longest of 0.19 miles.  Most of them were up hill with a few steep down hill sprints. As I looked over the split times, they ranged from a low of 5:35 mile pace to 6:34 mile pace on the high end on the steepest uphills.  Paces did drift a bit higher later in the run.

Kept reminding myself during the run to run with valor. Push and see if I could find a point where I lose control, burst through, then remind myself to regain my form and push. Overall content with the result.  Now my deep unhappiness of thought will turn to what I can do about my tempo run.  Perhaps run at desired race pace as long as I can stand it? We’ll see.