Uploading Garmin 305 Data to Garmin Connect – Problem Solved

I wrote about some of my experiences with Ubuntu back in April in another post called Bad, Ubuntu Bad I still have not figured out how to make all of the media play.  Attempts to get flash and chrome installed and working have been ineffective. I think it has more to do with the drivers on the hardware on this ancient PC, but it will take more time and learning to figure it out. I did achieve one victory so I am writing a celebratory post about it.

I’m an avid runner and I like to track running data preferably in a social media forum. My current mode of doing that is through Garmin’s web portal called Garmin Connect. I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 wrist worn GPS to track my running data, but the only browsers that support the plug in required to sync data to Garmin Connect are Windows and Safari. There are tools to do it in Ubuntu, but I struggled for weeks to get it to work. Finally today, it clicked

I’d read and try stuff and make a run at this problem, fail, then read and try more stuff, fail, and repeat. Also spent a bit of time just learning about the UNIX shell and things just started to make more sense. Finally today using a simple set of instructions at Livesoncoffee I had tried these before but always managed to do something wrong. This time I carefully stepped through it an it worked.

I think one key was making sure I understood where the data is located, which is definitely something I learned by reading about the UNIX file structure. This particular command in the Livesoncoffee blog was important to understand: ./gmn2tcx ../2012/10/filename.gmn > runfilname.tcx

Where the ../2012/10/ is telling he program that converts .gmn to .tcx to run the program on a file located in  folder /2012/10 – So if your data is in a different folder this line will look different.  In my case I had stored my data in a folder called Garmin_Data so this line for me would look like ../Garmin_Data/2013/04 to convert data from runs this April.

So one small thing learned. Obviously have a long way to go learning more UNIX and Ubuntu but this was a small step forward.