Weekly Review – Week Ending 5/30/13

Blog Posts This Week (2)

Uploading Garmin 305 Data to Garmin Connect – Problem Solved
Weekly Review – Week Ending 5/24/13

Accomplishments for this week


– Had two one on one feedback sessions with team members.
– Big week for action item clean up and process improvement.
– Began Leader Process Audits which is an internal look at how we are performing.
– Published blog posts at work (3).

– Learn

– Figured out on Ubuntu, how to convert my Garmin data (.gmn) files to data files that I can upload to Garmin Connect (.tcx) and wrote a blog post about it.
– Picked up a couple of helpful time saving techniques from a TED Talk


– Crayola Classic 10k – 42:24, 6:51 pace, 3rd overall, 2nd in Masters, 1st in age group, Entered with Johnny Love Running Machine and won the team award. Pleasant surprise – team and age group first both came with cash prizes. That makes second week in a row I’ve won money for running around.
– Ran 37.4 miles total last week making 114 miles for the month of May.

– Social

– Went to Sambra’s Mexican Kitchen with new friends and coworkers that are moving here from Harrisburg, PA. He’s here now but wife and kids are coming end of June. Wife was in town for the long weekend to house hunt.
– Grabbed dinner with a couple of friends I have not spent time with in a long time. Good to see em.
– Found an old friend on Soundcloud and followed him. He sent me an email. Glad to reconnect.
– Lunch with two co-workers.
– Invited co-worker to Magnolia Speech Sprint 5k.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Boston for Corporate Awards.
– Pilot improvements to department start-up board format. Trying out a new calendar format to conserve space and materials.
– Engage leadership on CMMI project update.

– Learn

– See some sites and learn something new about Boston.
– More UNIX shell commands.

– Run

– Increase weekly mileage.
– Decide on Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon – Talk to N. to see if he is still planning on going despite getting injured while riding his bike.

– Social

Boston Red Sox game with co-workers.

Time Tracking Summary

– Sleep – 49:42 hours (7:06 hours per night which is more than normal)
– Work – 35:55 hours in 4 day work week (8:58 hours per day)
– Discretionary – 40 hours (8.4 movies/games, 14.7 family, 6.0 writing blog, 4.3 time tracking, 4.2 social)
– Unpaid Work – 15.8 hours (8.6 commute, 4.8 errands, 0.8 home)
– Personal Routines – 17.2 hours
– Personal Run/Race – 8.1 hours
– I’ve noticed that I have not been reading lately. My reading time has been replaced by movies and games. I’ve seen this before where I will go for weeks or months without doing much reading. Not really worried about it right now but thinking about it. Getting in the mood for some fiction. If there was another Game of Thrones book out I’d get it and read it.