Tech Tips Anyone Can Use

I saw this TED Talk the other day and was sort of skeptical about it from the title alone. 10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips I mean I’m a savvy tech-o-phile, what time saving tech tip is there I don’t already know about. A TED Talk really, is this the type of information on Technology, Entertainment and Design that is worthy of such a prestigious gathering.

But, I was curious and I had 5 minutes to kill so I watched it. It’s entertaining, at least David Pogue is an entertaining presenter and I did not know 2 of the 10. I was particularly astonished about the space bar page down tip. How had I missed that, or maybe this is just one I had forgotten. Seems maybe I knew this back in the days of Lycos and Compuserve.

Here are a few time saving tips of my own.

1. On your phone or tablet, try using the t and b buttons to go to the top (t) or bottom (b) of a list, page, inbox, twitter feed, facebook feed, etc. This is particularly useful for social media feeds on phones. Does not work in browsers, just inside apps.

2. Learn what’s available on the right click button on your mouse. Right click should be a fairly standard attempt at finding a short cut.

3. Ctrl z – Undo – Pointed this out to someone the other day and realized that in the room of 5 people, only 2 of us knew about it. Got a bunch of stuff you want undone, just hold ctrl down and keep hitting z. It will undo everything back to your last save. Try cmd z on a mac.

4. Ctrl y – Redo – Same as Ctrl z but it will redo the last thing you done un-did. Y’all.

5. Shift enter – Creates a one line carriage return. Enter will skip a line. Shift enter keeps the lines close together. Good for making text sub-lists in blog posts, emails, etc.

6. Ctrl Enter (or Alt enter) – In a spreadsheet application, sometimes you want text or numbers to show up on more than one continuous run on entry, but if you hit enter, it drops you down to the next cell. To create a return in the cell without leaving the cell, use Ctrl Enter. I have tried this in Excel, Google sheets, Zoho Sheets…worked in all of them.

Ok, hope this helps. I think I will share the TED Talk on my blog at work. Should get a lot of interest.