The Long Run, Mishka Shubaly’s Flight from Destruction to Destruction

I just finished Mishka Shubaly’s Kindle Single, The Long Run. It’s a great read, even if you are not a runner. This guy was a complete wreck who, only within the last 5 or so years left behind alcohol and drugs and took up ultrarunning. Ultrarunning is generally considered when you run a race that is longer than a marathon which means you run a race of greater length than 26.2 miles. 50K which is 31 miles is from what I can tell the typical shortest ultra you are going to see. I’ve read and heard stories like this before, but not written as well. He seems to me to be an extremely creative and talented person with tremendous ability to turn thought to word. His honesty is striking and challenging to me because being transparent in this medium is difficult at times but I suppose rewarding. What is secrecy good for anyway but to preserve a temporary imagined state. Are we not all just trying to know and be known?

So did Shubaly tell all? I suppose there is much maybe left out, but the part he brings forward is stark, horrifying and entertaining. I found myself feeling better about my own misgivings, maladies and missteps. His book encouraged me to share more and set more difficult goals. I have been toying with the idea of going for an ultra, maybe a 50 miler when I turn 50 (3 years away). I have run 9 marathons, but never an ultra. Reading this made me think about why I do some of what I do. What possesses me to train and run and what is the next challenge on that road or trail?

Read The Long Run.