Weekly Review – Week Ending 6/7/13

2013-06-04 19.25.33Blog Posts This Week – Personal (4), links follow. Work (4) – Good week for blogging.

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Weekly Review – Week Ending 5/30/13

Accomplishments for this week


– Traveled to Waltham, MA which is a suburb of Boston to receive a Corporate Award for “Excellence in Operations” for a project I led which spanned 2011 and 2012. Nice dinner and non-work time spent with friends from work.
– Met with leaders to discuss next steps for the CMMI project and make recommendations.  Presented two suggested actions and both were supported. Now to start the work of getting them done.

– Learn

– READING IS BACK! After a fairly long hiatus from reading, the urge is back. Learning about ultramarathoning.
– Scrobling songs using Last.FM. When I ported music from windows to ubuntu to android, I got a bunch of bogus data in my songs that was messing up my scrobling. Srobling, hmmmm – guess I should write  a quick post on that.

2013-06-05 07.07.11-Run

– Magnolia Speech Sprint 5k – 20:23, 6:30 pace, 2nd overall, Won Masters.
– Registered for the Hotter Than Hades on June 22 in Leland, MS.
– Fantastic 10 mile run in Waltham including about 6 miles of trail running in Providence Hill Park. Photo to the left.
– I’ve decided to go for an ultra. 50 miles race by 50 years old. Probably try a 50k (31 miles) first.
– Ran 25.2 which is lowest in last 6 weeks because of my travel schedule.

– Social

– Co-worker came to Magnolia Speech Sprint 5k and we went to Primos after for breakfast.
– Red Sox game at Fenway Park with friends from work.
– Lunch with a co-worker in Waltham and the recognition event that night was a social.
– YESNET which stands for Young Employees Success Network is a networking group at work. We met at Sal & Mookies Friday for their regularly monthly “first Friday” social.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Travel to McKinney, TX for another round of CMMI meetings.
– Get more definition and a plan to use the Operations Process Improvement Plan
– Begin to develop similar process improvement infrastructure at the performing site level.

– Learn

– Finish reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek
– Vegetarian and Vegan diets (Scott Jurek’s book)
– Ultramarathoning

– Run

– Start researching ultra-marathons and come up with a plan for races and distances, when and where.
– Plan out next two weeks to get ready for Hotter Than Hades – one week taper.
– Incorporate longer tempo runs and longer intervals at 5k to 10k pace in to weekly running.

– Social

– Family time this week.

Time Tracking Summary

– Sleep – 46 hours (6:34 hours per night which is pretty normal, but probably not enough)
– Work – 45:09 hours – 2 days of traveling
– Discretionary – 49 hours (24 social, 9.7 movies/games, 5.4 family, 3.6 readings, 3.5 writing)
– Unpaid Work – 9 hours (3.9 commute, 2.5 errands, 2.6 home)
– Personal Routines – 16.6 hours
– Personal Run/Race – 7.1 hours