A Middle Age Runner Looks at 50 (my apologies to Jimmy Buffet)

ImageTime to take stock.

I have been on a long relatively injury free streak with my running. At the age of 47 after running for 7 years, I have been sidelined by IT Band Syndrome twice, with the last episode occurring 4 years ago. I have also had a broken toe that I thought was turf toe that only acts up on occasion because I did not know it was broken and kept running on it. Besides that, 4 years of injury free running. I’ve had some aches and pains along the way, but nothing that I could not massage or stretch out. Man this is ridiculous. I’ll just lay it out. Here is my injury timeline:

2006 – IT Band Syndrome
2007 – IT Band Syndrome, Interior Ankle Ligament, Plantar Fascistic
2008 – Knee pain
2009 – Left Hamstring
2010 – Broken Big Toe Right Foot on the Ball of the Foot (un-diagnosed, kept running), Left Hamstring
2011 – Left Hamstring and soreness in left hip
2012 – Knee pain, Irritated previously broken big toe, x-ray revealing previous injury
2013 – slight pain in left hip and left hamstring (but nothing compared to previous years)

Ok. So I am not really injury free, but nothing I have had in recent memory has prevented me from training and racing. What I fear are things like:
– Severe Plantar Fascistic
– Stress Fractures

I am on the verge of launching a running journey I have not done before that will push me to my limits and hopefully beyond. Am I physically in good enough shape to do this? I want to run more than my body says I should. My running form is neutral and as stress free as possible. I feel like it’s not about running, it’s about winning. Now or never. It’s not win or die but it is enter to win.