Go-o-oo-g-g-gle P–P-l-llll-a-a–ay–y

The title describes what it’s like trying to listen to music on my Chromebook right now.

I’ll be adding something new to the things you cannot do with a Chromebook page on this blog and I think this is a bad one, that could be fixed.

I’m writing this blog post from an American flight on my way from Dallas to Minneapolis. I’m trying to listen to my music using Google Play on my Chromebook while I do some other things. The way music works on a Chromebook is different from other tablets, notebooks and devices. The music is not downloaded to the Chromebook, it’s playing from the cloud. I used the Google Music Manager to upload 1200 songs to the cloud. Great, right? My music available anywhere.

I’m logged on to the GoGo Inflight wifi and the Google Play is running in the Chrome browser, but the songs start, then hang up about every 3 seconds, for a second or two then start again. Can’t listen to music like this. I’ve been experimenting by letting the song limp along for a while then clicking on the status bar back at the beginning and the song plays fine for a while without hanging up until it catches up to a certain point and starts again. If I let the whole song play through all wonked up, then restart it, it plays just fine.

Now I recognize it’s a problem with the wifi changing speeds or something to that effect. But it’s not my fault the wifi is wonky on this airplane or twenty people are live streaming a rock concert or Les Mis.

This has to get fixed and Google has to figure it out. Serious detractor.