Insufficient Storage Available – Android’s Bogus Error


Not long after I got my Galaxy S I started getting the error shown in the image here. Insufficient Storage Available. I would run in to this problem when trying to dowload an app from Google Play store on to my Android Galaxy S phone. This was extremely frustrating. I’d try and find an answer but the first few sites in the google search returns were links to Android supprt forums and the posts all looked like:

-Question: I am using potato soup version running gobbledy gook pickle sauce and I’m getting  an insufficient storage error when installing apps. I have checked and I have plenty of available storage.

-Answer: Do you have sufficient available storage?

-Question: I’ll explain again in a really complicated way in software developer language this time so you will understand that I just told you I already checked that and I also cleared my cache even though I am god’s gift to the computer world and know that will not help.

-Answer: Have you tried clearing your cache?

At this point I would invariably run out of time to fix this problem and I would move on and do without the apps I was trying to install (Google Drive, Kindle and Vine).

Well today I was blessed with some extra time and was able to get past the first few inane support posts to see if I could get to one that made sense and voila, I found something that worked for me. Here it is in plain english, step by step. Photos not screen captures because my phones not rooted and screen capture on unrooted Android phones is apparently complicated – I don’t know why.

ImageStep 1: Tap the Settings icon to open up the software settings screen for your phone. It will look something like the settings icon shown in this picture.




ImageStep 2: Tap on applications. Sorry about the reflection of the ladies legs in the screen shot. Why is life so complicated?





manage appsStep 3: Tap on Manage applications






google play servicesStep 4: Scroll down until you see “Google Play Services”. Make sure you tap on “Google Play Services” and not something else. If you don’t see it. I can’t help you from here.




clear cacheStep 5: Tap clear data – hard to see in this photo, but it’s about halfway down on the left side. (good think I clipped my nails today) You will get a caution note that says something like, “All information you’ve saved in this application will be deleted permanently.” Don’t worry. In fact rejoice because it is this saved data, whatever it is, that is your problem.

That’s it. Go load an App and see what happens. Not sure how often I will have to perform this task but since when you get a phone you load a lot of apps all at once and then it’s onesy twosy after that, so I suspect I’ll never have to do this again.