Day 4 – My Ultra Journey

Veteran's Memorial at Soldier Field, Rochester MN

7.8 miles today including intervals at the black, cinder track at Soldier Field in Rochester, MN. You can see the track at the bottom of the picture to the left. I liked running on this surface. Felt old school the way the surface just crunches as you push off it. It’s softer than running on pavement and I think adds a little more resistance. Once I was warmed up I started pushing through the intervals.

2 mile warm up then 3 intervals:
– 1 mile at 5k pace (6:30)
– 1 1/4 mile at 10k pace (6:45)
– 1 mile at 10k pace

It was warm and after I finished the third interval, I was not feeling well. Just drained of energy. Decided to start heading back toward the hotel but I stopped on the way and took some photos of the  Veterans Memorial. The memorial is very large and impressive, especially for a small city like Rochester.

About a half mile in to my cool down I realized that I felt great and could probably do another mile interval, but I was already at about 7.5 miles total so I decided not to. The Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon is next Saturday and I want to set a new PR so I decided the taper was a smarter idea.

Exchanged emails with a friend who runs trail ultras and he advised me to run a cool weather, relatively easy course for my first one. He did not think I needed trail shoes. I’ve been wondering about that. I run in Saucony Triumphs which have a decent amount of cushioning and protection. I have done some trail runs in them and they worked fine. Probably stick with my current shoes.

Plan on limiting my mileage to 20 total this week including the 13.1 for the half marathon, so there won’t be much to report.