Day 5 – My Ultra Journey

Managed to squeeze in 3 miles at an easy 9:15 recovery pace today. Wanted to work out some of the inevitable stiffness from yesterdays mile intervals. I was glad for the soreness because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something, tearing something down so it can be rebuilt stronger, faster. It’s a taper week also for the Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon this Saturday. Decided on mile goal splits to PR below 1:35. I think I’m ready, just need to follow the plan and push hard the last 5k.

I was traveling today from Rochester, MN to Salt Lake City and had planned on getting in plenty of time to get an easy 5 miles, but we had maintenance issues in Rochester and were delayed. I missed my connection in Chicago, so instead of going direct from Chicago to Salt Lake City, I was re-routed from Chicago to Dallas to Salt Lake City. Got to my hotel at 10pm, which was really 11pm because of the change from Central Standard to Mountain Time. Good excuse to just call it a night right? But I felt compelled to run, not because I need to miles but just because I wanted to get out and experience running somewhere new. Might also be the book I am reading right now called Running Through The Wall, which is just a compilation of stories of people overcoming obstacles to achieve success in an ultra. I can give up 30 minutes of sleep.

Looking seriously at the Yeti Snakebite 50k, September 1st in Georgia as my first ultra. 50 miles is still my goal, but I think a trail 50k would be a good first step. Also rethinking my decision to try trail shoes. I run in Saucony Kinvara’s or Triumphs. I think the Saucony Excursion TR could be a good neutral trail shoe that is not very expensive. Probably get a pair and do some short trail runs to try them out.

Anyone got any advice on shoes or choosing a race distance for my first ultra?