Day 7 – My Ultra Journey

Salt Lake City Sunrise

Salt Lake City Sunrise

troubled tracks

Tracks West of Salt Lake City – Looking North

I’ve enjoyed running the last week or so in Rochester, MN and now Salt Lake City, UT. Two very different climates and terrains. Enjoyed another sunrise over the mountains as I got to head out for six miles. I went about a mile west of my hotel near the airport and was quickly in a rural area with only the occasional building and a noticeable increase in the number of critters skittering away through the tall grass as I passed by. Kept my eye out for snakes that might be warming themselves on the pavement, but it’s probably a bit too warm in the morning here to worry about that.

Decided to get in 3×800’s this morning at 5k race mile pace (6:32, 6:34, 6:33) with 400m rests. That’s all the hard running I will do between now and Saturdays Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon

It’s going to be a hot one and I will need to be well hydrated at the start and make sure I take in some fluids, particularly during the first 1:15 of the race. Shooting for a PR at 1:35. This will be a good test of my improved warm weather running.

On another note, I thought the race was full for the Big Butts 50k in Clinton, MS on July 27th, but I got an email from the race director that said I was in and just needed to register. Still having some problems with the registration, but I’ll get that figured out. That of course only leaves me five weeks to prepare which is nuts and it’s going to be hotter than whatever in July in Mississippi, but none the less I am excited for the challenge.

Any one got any favorite Half Marathon through Ultra Marathon hot weather hydration tips?