Weekly Review – Week Ending 6/21/13

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (6), links follow. Work (0)
Day 8,9,10 – My Ultra Journey
Fringes of Perfection
Day 7 – My Ultra Journey
Day 6 – My Ultra Journey
Day 5 – My Ultra Journey
Day 4 – My Ultra Journey

Accomplishments for this week


– Traveled to Salt Lake City to benchmark four companies who have been recognized in industry for Operational Excellence including winning the Shingo Prize. See the details of this trip in Fringes of Perfection

– Learn

– Google Hangout – Participated in my first Google hangout which was led by Sacha Chua from Living an Awesome Life, learned a lot about how to use this tool
– Federal Reserve Banking System – Began reading The Creature from Jekyll Island


– Decided on two 50k ultramarathons this year.  Registered for Big Butts 50k on July 27 in Clinton, MS. Planning to run the Yeti Snakebite 50k Sept 1st in Lithia Springs, GA.
– Running in Salt Lake City, UT this week on travel. Love exploring new running locations.

– Social – This was a record setting week for social!

– Attended http://hiattshangingforlife.com/ wedding Thursday night which was AWESOME. So cool they have a website for their wedding.
– Lots of business networking this week with the trip to Salt Lake. Had dinner with Bryan Crowell, author of Own the Gap, which won the Shingo Prize.
– Participated in Google Hangout with bloggers, coders and other learners.
– Drove to Greenville, MS with friends for the Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– First full week back in the office in three weeks. Begin transitioning management duties to allow near full time focus on CMMI project.
– Begin midyear performance reviews.
– Close out OPF project and start up IWM Phase I project.
– Share blog posts on observations and lessons learned at the four companies in Utah.

– Learn

– Reading Running Through the Wall, a compilation of ultra marathoning stories by Neal Jamison
– Reading The Creature from Jekyll Island, one account of the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking system
– Figure out why some of my music does not play in Google Play on my Android

– Run

– Run Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon and PR below 1:37
– Write a training plan and add more miles to prepare for Big Butts 50K

– Social

– Hotter Than Hades Half Marathon and at least one other social run with friends.

Time Tracking Summary – 3 Tables
1. Totals per category for the last week
2. Totals per week day with work day categories filtered out
3. Totals per work day with only work day categories

Totals by category

Record category
Total Duration (Hrs)
1 Business – Connect – Email
2 Business – Connect – Network
3 Discretionary – Entertainment – Movies
4 Discretionary – Entertainment – Play Games
5 Discretionary – Family
6 Discretionary – Learning – Running
7 Discretionary – Productive – Tracking
8 Discretionary – Read – Blogs
9 Discretionary – Read – Nonfiction
10 Discretionary – Social
11 Discretionary – Travel
12 Discretionary – Travel – Meal
13 Discretionary – Writing – Blog
14 Personal – Cross Training
15 Personal – Routines
16 Personal – Run
17 Sleep
18 Unpaid Work – Commute
19 Unpaid Work – Errands
20 Unpaid Work – Home
21 Work – Raytheon
22 Work – Raytheon – Travel
Grand Total:

Totals per Day (divided by 7 days in the week) – tech difficulties this week. Ran out of time, but I’ll get this table back soon.

Totals per Week Day (divided by 5 days)– tech difficulties this week. Ran out of time, but I’ll get this table back soon.