Ankle Tendinitis

Woke up this morning with pain on the exterior side of my right foot just below and in front of where the ankle bone protrudes. I had not planned on running today anyway, so I just went about my normal routine and moving around the pain subsided but has not gone away completely. Going to have to find time to ice it and probably plan on taking a week to ten days off from running. I don’t think it’s too serious, probably tweaked it during the trail race last week and then the stress of the 5k this weekend has the caused some tendinitis. I know that if I really wanted to I could run on it. More than likely it would loosen up completely and feel fine while running, but it would then get progressively worse. The smart thing to do is take it easy and get well. I don’t have anything on the race calendar until the Fireman’s Run right before 9/11, so I have time to recoup and get my form back before the run. Lot’s of people take time off from running in the summer, right. I’ll be fine.