Injury Update

Foot has improved. Still sore when I got up this morning, but less so than yesterday and the pain went down more quickly than yesterday when I started moving around on it. It does not hurt when I am sitting and I just flex it up and down or out. It’s only when I put full weight on it or roll it inward and of course just after I wake up and move on it at all in the morning. The pain is localized to the side and top of the foot just below the ankle bone and radiating forward along the upper side of the foot about an inch or so. Looking at images of foot anatomy, there is a tendon sheath running right there that is the likely culprit. I was on my feet more than I had wanted to be yesterday at work and at home and I completely forgot to ice. Not sure why yet, but for some reason it is hard for me to remember to ice little nagging injuries. I’ll put a reminder in my phone to ice. I had said a week to ten days without running would be in order, but with this quick improvement I’m optimistic that 5 to 7 days may be doable.