How’s The Foot?

Just a bit better this morning, but the improvement from day 2 to 3 was not as noticeable as it was from day 1 to day 2. When recovering from an injury I find I go through these little ups and downs. Excited about improvement but then upset when the improvement seems to be less than I hoped. Today I started noticing some pain in the heel of the same foot and a twinge or two in the plantar (bottom of my foot) region. Sounds like some stretching is in order. Still have not iced which is a major mistake but it’s not too late to start. Icing and stretching is what I should be doing.

It’s probably just as well I take the time off since I did run a 30 mile race less than two weeks ago. I’ve definitely run fewer training miles this year than last, but my speed is not flagging and besides this little ankle tweak I have been healthy. When I do return to training I plan to focus more on quality runs and cross training than I have before. If you are not familiar with running, when runners say quality over quantity, they mean run fewer miles, but run them faster. Took me a while to figure out what they were talking about when I started reading about running. I’ll still get my miles in because I enjoy the distance or the challenge of going the distance, but speed, turnover, form and core work are going to be increased.