Chromebook Beats Windows, It’s Still About Price

I’ve had a Chromebook for a while now and I’m still using it on a daily basis. I recently got a laptop for the family which brought the opportunity to rethink my commitment to a future tied to Google.

It’s an HP running the latest version of windows. It’s got a 2.4GHz processor and I’m mad because it is noticeably faster than my Chromebook. The Acer Chromebook has an Intel Celeron 1.5GHz processor, so the HP should have an advantage, but the light weight Chrome OS makes up for a lot of the difference in horse power. All that said, I’ve been plinking around  with the HP machine in the morning while I eat breakfast and I have to say I like the Windows machine. In most cases it is faster than the Chromebook. Sometimes it takes a long time for a webpage to load. I mean slow as in several minutes or never. This is clearly not a processor speed issue, but something with the windows Internet Explorer settings or the antivirus preload.

But…..let’s talk price. The Chromebook rings in at $200 while the HP is $650.  I’m still waiting to find the reason to spend another $450 extra for a computer that we strictly use to access the internet.  I would like a faster Chromebook and a larger screen but when I travel it is so nice to have the little, lightweight machine.  I’ve played around with the HP Chromebook with the 14 inch screen and it’s nice, very speedy.  It still sports the Intel Celeron but its the Dual Core.  The 14 inch at home and the 11 inch for traveling would be good.

So Google it is for now and I think those forecasting the failure of the Chromebook are just wrong. It may take more time for the net plus cloud platform to really take hold, but as more people rely almost totally on their phones and tablets, the light weight cheap net laptop will make more and more sense to more and more people.