Weekly Review – Week Ending 8/16/2013

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (2), links follow. Work (2)

Are You a Mechanical Turk Worker?
Weekly Review – Week Ending 8/9/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Tagged up with leaders of the CM and IWM teams. Achieved critical milestones on both projects. Putting in some Saturday morning hours on this project now but also starting to think about what’s next after the majority of this initial CMMI deployment wraps up latter this year.
– Spent a little time late Friday reading up on the Common PDM deployment. Logged in to the app and tried some of the features and settings. Common PDM (Product Data Management) is the global tool my company will be using to manage our technical documents.

– Learn

– Read up to page 239 in The Creature from Jekyll Island. I’m still interested in this material and keep picking it up. It’s a big book and I’m traveling next week so I’ll leave it at home.
– German language learning has continued steady. I found some flash card websites that are adding some variety and different vocabulary words. Still listening to german podcasts by Stephan Weisner. He’s pretty entertaining.
– Listened to a Big Ideas podcast about cyber security. Learned a lot about potential threats to industrial infrastructure. That’s some scary stuff. Check it out whereever you get your podcasts just look for the Big Ideas cast and Cyber Threats or Security. It was released on 8/13/13.


– Took the week completely off. No running.

– Social

– Attended Young Engineers Success Network (YESNET) picnic.
– Increase in activity on Twitter including some interactions with new people.
– Klout score is stable at 51, but really it is slowly going down.
– Posted some items to Google+ this week for first time in a long time and commented on some posts.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Heading back to McKinney, TX Sunday evening to meet with the Operations Process Group Monday through Thursday. Have to get a lot of things done with the IWM project this week, lots of action items to close out. Plan to start releasing Process Action Team (PAT) documents using the new CM Plan this week.

– Learn

– Read some of  The Creature from Jekyll Island
– Keep up focus on German language
– Have to start working on my Earned Value Certification training at work. I could argue this is not really learning, but that would be quibbling on technicalities which most people don’t enjoy doing with me.
– Finance continues to be an inigma to me. Reading The Creature is only making me want to learn more. This business of making and keeping money just seems way to hard. I’m looking for the slacker, 4 hour, fun method.

– Run

– Start easing my way back in to running but stay focused on preventing a flare up of the ankle tendinitis
– Next major planned event is the Firemans Run on 9/8 at the Reservoir.

– Social

– Dinner planned Monday night with a Senior Manager who has asked about including me in his succession plan.

Time Tracking Summary –

Record category Total Duration Hours Duration Per Day Record Category Summary Total Duration Hours Duration Per Day
Sleep 55.52 7.93 Sleep 55.52 7.93
Work – Raytheon 45 6.43 Work – Raytheon 45 6.43
Personal – Routines 10.86 1.55 Discretionary 42.83 6.12
Unpaid Work – Commute 10.33 1.48 Unpaid Work 18.56 2.65
Discretionary – Social 7.48 1.07 Personal 7.48 1.07
Discretionary – Family 7.45 1.06 Business 8.14 1.16
Unpaid Work – Home 5.34 0.76
Discretionary – Learning – German 5.32 0.76
Business – Connect – Email 3.92 0.56
Business – Mturk 3.63 0.52
Discretionary – Read – Blogs 3.52 0.50
Discretionary – Writing – Blog 3.32 0.47
Discretionary – Entertainment – Movies 2.79 0.40
Discretionary – Watch TV 2.38 0.34
Discretionary – Entertainment – Play Games 2.09 0.30
Discretionary – Read – Nonfiction 1.36 0.19
Discretionary – Productive – Tracking 0.68 0.10
Business – Connect – Network 0.42 0.06
Discretionary – Read – Magazines 0.2 0.03
Business – Learn 0.17 0.02
Discretionary – Writing 0.17 0.02
Unpaid Work – Podcast Download 0.08 0.01
Unpaid Work – Errands 0.07 0.01