Weekly Review – Week Ending 8/30/2013

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (4), links follow. Work (1)

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How I Treat Tendinitis of the Foot
Weekly Review – Week Ending 8/23/2013
Learning German Using VociTeach and AskMeEvery

Accomplishments for this week


– CMMI Projects – Tiered Accountability, Configuration Management, User Friendly View
– Leader Gemba

– Learn

– Read The Creature from Jekyll Island.
– Using VociTeach, Bite Size German, German-Flashcards.com and German.StackExchange.com
– German language learning. Here’s my current VociTeach vocabulary progress:
1 – 446, 2 – 173, 3 – 39, 4 – 35, 5 – 34, 6 – 360 ( Mastered 128 words this week)


– Speed work. Increased mileage this week. More strength training.

– Social

– Attended Meetup with Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs at Millsaps College. Two interesting speakers. Not a lot of networking. Better turn out than normal.
– Volunteered at CARA Dog Days of Summer fundraiser for the Community Animal Rescue Association with friends from work.
– Attended our neighborhood homeowners association summer picnic.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Labor Day Monday and on vacation Tuesday and Wednesday. But I have to work from home and call in for several meetings. Quasi-vacation.

– Learn

– Read The Creature from Jekyll Island
– Find ways to start using German language

– Run

– Run faster and longer than last week.
– Speed work at Jackson Prep track Tuesday morning with the fast guys.
– Next planned race is the Firemans Run on 9/8 at the Reservoir.

– Social

– Expand social networking on line and look for opportunities to practice German in social media land.

Time Tracking Summary – (Goals for Sleep and Work use 7 day averages)

Time Tracking Data for Last Week

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