Time Bandits

About a year ago with the help and advice of two people, one a friend, one an acquaintance, I came to to the realization that I needed to be more selfish with my time. My natural disposition will enable all sorts of dysfunction around me, particularly in people I am close too, and this can result in sacrifices of my own time that yield no results in accomplishment or emotional satisfaction. Here are some things that I don’t do anymore as a result of this decision. These things are now done by someone else in the family or I pay someone to do them.

1. Empty trashcans.

2. Take garbage can to the curb and retrieve it.

3. Mow the lawn. Unless I just want to for the exercise which happens about once a year.

4. Unload the dishwasher unless I was the one who loaded and started it.

5. Put other peoples stuff away. This includes times when their stuff is sitting in the space I need to use. I just use my forearm like a bulldozer to shove it far enough to clear enough space for me.

6. Put my things away that other people borrow and do not put back. Now, I just replace the item with a new one that I keep hidden. No more looking around for the thing I need.

7. Walk, feed, water or bathe the dog.

8. Home improvement projects, unless it is one I want to do without anyone else’s help. I recently did a bunch of painting and fixture work all on my own.

So far so good. I am more active in other things that make me happy. Generally the time I save is used to make new friends, learn new things and engage in my hobbies like running and writing this blog.

Got a list of things you can stop doing? You’ll love having the extra time.