Weekly Review – Week Ending 9/6/2013

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (1), links follow. Work (0)

Weekly Review – Week Ending 8/30/2013

Accomplishments for this week (Weird week. Mon – Holiday, Tue – Wed – off work but sick)

-Work (2 days of work)

– CMMI Projects – User Friendly View
– Leader Gemba

– Learn

– Got a little obsessed with learning German this week. Started using Memrise.com and Duolingo after I got a tip about them from my German community on Google+ 
– Using VociTeach, Bite Size German, German-Flashcards.com and German.StackExchange.com
– German language learning. Here’s my current VociTeach vocabulary progress:
1 – 124, 2 – 143, 3 – 174, 4 – 123, 5 – 84, 6 – 439 ( Mastered 439 total so far)


– Sick this week. Only got in 2 runs. Bleh!

– Social

– Attended Celtic Festival Kindred Spirits Whisky Tasting with a group of new friends.
– Registered on www.ninoff.com/beta which is a beta social networking site. I’ve been using it about once a day just to meet some new people and check out the interface. I think it’s a few friends in England that have started this up.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Plan IWM Pilot. Finish command media writing and get CM activity going stronger.

– Learn

– Read The Creature from Jekyll Island
– Use VociTeach, Memrise and Duolingo for German language. Also spend time in Google+ German community posting and responding to posts.

– Run

– Run Firemans Run on 9/8 at the Reservoir. Weather forecast says 97F and sunny. Yikes! Hydrate and slow down.

– Social

– Attend Celtic Festival and make some new friends.
– Hang out after FireFighter’s Run at Lakeshore Park.

Time Tracking Summary – (Goals for Sleep and Work use 7 day averages)

Time Tracking Data for Last Week