Weekly Review – Week Ending 9/13/2013

Firefighter's Proudly Displayed Old Glory at the 2nd Annual Firefighter's Half Marathon

Firefighter’s Proudly Displayed Old Glory at the 2nd Annual Firefighter’s Half Marathon

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (2), links follow. Work (0)

Weekly Review – Week Ending 9/6/2013
Time Bandits

Accomplishments for this week


– CMMI Projects – Completed Integrated Work Management (IWM) for Tiered Accountability
– Leader Standard Work project and Leader Gemba
– Policy, Instruction and Guideline architecture.

– Learn

– Still on my learning German this week. Still in the top 5.
– Using VociTeach for German vocabulary learning. Here’s my current VociTeach vocabulary progress:
1 – 0, 2 – 42, 3 – 98, 4 – 252, 5 – 281, 6 – 439 ( Mastered 439 total so far)


– Ran FireFighter’s Half Marathon in 95F heat. Whew! Slow and hot but a fun day.

– Social

– Created my first Meetup group at http://www.meetup.com. Its a business networking group for early career employees where I work, Raytheon. Be fun to see how this goes. Got inspired by the way the Adventurers group in Jackson, MS used Meetup for the Celtic Festival last weekend.
– Still on http://www.ninoff.com about once a day. Pretty interesting so far. Getting to know the founders a bit and learning more about the project.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– It’s Integrated Work Management pilot week at locations in Forest, MS, Dallas, TX and McKinney, TX.

– Learn

– Read The Creature from Jekyll Island
– Use VociTeach, Memrise and Duolingo for German language. Also spend time in Google+ German community posting and responding to posts.

– Run

– Run Firemans Run on 9/8 at the Reservoir. Weather forecast says 97F and sunny. Yikes! Hydrate and slow down.

– Social

– Ninoff.
– Networking with co-workers during the IWM Pilot.

Time Tracking Summary – (Goals for Sleep and Work use 7 day averages)