Drivers with cell phones suck!

Glad no one was hurt by the distracted driver. I basically always assume drivers don’t see me. You just never know what is going on in someone’s noggin when they are behind the wheel.

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Sunday morn, Beautiful morning, beautiful day. Not hot. Breezy. Very nice! Of course, I stayed until 2:30 AM drawing and stuff. So, woke up pretty tired. What to do. I know. Pushups, ab stuff, curls, pull ups, military presses. All while listening to Pink Floyd. Followed that by a savage breakfast of eggs, bloody steak, toast and milk!!! Awesomeness!!!

That evening at 6 PM, Joseph and I met some of our Starkville Striders gang at the South Farm entrance for a run thru town. Ten runners today, plus a couple of MSU runner girls (Jessica Comer and Rhianwedd Price) who stopped by for a bit. Joining Joseph and I in the run were Brent, Arash, Jorge, Juan, Will, Max, Robert Morgan, and Robert’s bud. Hung out a few minutes, then hit the road. Did the 5.3 mile loop. As per usual, pretty easy 1st mile, picked it up along the way…

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