Weekly Review – Week Ending 9/27/2013

Winging it home from Dallas.

Winging it home from Dallas.

Time Tracking Data for Week Ending 9-27-13

Goals – Work hours including travel was right on target. Good to keep this within limits. I am inclined to work many many hours when the work is interesting, intellectually stimulating and I am learning new things. It’s much easier to stay within limits when work is not challenging. Sleep continues to stay above the goal which I have coded red here because I want to monitor that and see if an adjustment to my routine or to the goal is warranted.

Top 5 – Beyond sleep and work, personal routines was next with almost two and a half hours per day. :0 Wow that seems like a lot. I feel like I need to focus in on this category and see what the large components of Personal – Routines is. It’s probably mostly meals which seems to make sense. Adding a Personal – Routines – Meal category would allow me to see it. I added the category so next week I should have better data.

Other observations on the Top 5 include:

  • Reading Fearless about US Navy SEAL Adam Brown. Sort of got hooked on it which clearly cut in to my time working on my German, but it was a pleasant diversion.
  • More hours running but this included a drive to Clinton to run on Choctaw Trails with Colin
  • More time with the family this week
  • College Football! Watched my Texas A&M Aggies clobber SMU.

On to the summary.

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (1), links follow. Work (0)

Weekly Review – Week Ending 9/20/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Sunday afternoon through Thursday night I was in Dallas participating in a Process Action Team review and SCAMPI Appraisal planning workshop.

– Learn

– Still brushing up on my German. Getting more comfortable with commenting in Google+ German community.
– Using three tools to improve my German language skills. 1. VociTeach Android App. (849 words back in long term memory) 2. http://www.Memrise.com – completed the German course and I’m working on the 1000 words of German (lots of which I already know but good review) 3. http://www.duolingo.com – working up through levels. This is a more challenging course than what they have on Memrise.
– Bryan at work recommended the book Fearless, about Navy Seal Adam Brown. Got it and read it in just a few days. Great story.


– Increased intensity of training this week. After 16 miles on Saturday at 9:15 pace, I put in 9 more with Colin at Choctaw Trails at an 8:25 pace. On the rolling grass hills of Choctaw this felt much harder. No run Monday. Easy run Tuesday. Then a challenging and rewarding 4 x 1 Mile run with splits of 6:50, 7:15, 6:30 and 6:35.

– Social

– Not a very social week for me. JC sent me a link to http://www.referralkey.com which I played around with. I imported my LinkedIn contacts then accidentally sent them all a request to join. Oops. Eh, it happens. Actually resulted in some emails from people i had not connected with in a while which gave me a chance to reconnect. Probably should find a less clumsy way to chat with old friends.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Have a lot of work to do finishing off the details of IWM for Tiered Accountability, but should go pretty smoothly.
– Mentoring a Senior high school student from Northwest Rankin High School this week. He’ll spend a day in the office with me as part of his Senior project.

– Learn

– Use VociTeach, Memrise and Duolingo for German language. Also spend time in Google+ German community posting and responding to posts.
– Thinking about a project I can do using German to continue to push my learning.

– Run

– Get in a group run with Colin and Dave at Choctaw Trails. Could become a regular early Sunday routine. Hoping this will build strength and speed getting in some challenging trail runs each week.
– After building long runs over a three week period from 12 to 14 to 16 miles, this is really a short week. Total miles should be aroud 40 with more quality miles.

– Social

– Attend First Friday networking event.