HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC Slow Internet

HP ENVY dv6 Laptop Internet was Slow

HP ENVY dv6 Laptop Internet was Slow

How does a computer come out of the box and run so slowly on a high speed internet connection? This question was killing me. I’d tried rebooting and messing with other settings and sometimes it would run great for a day then back to really slow, some times taking 30 to 60 seconds to load a simple page like Google. I tried, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox – all the same.

Finally figured it was a driver issue. It is a new computer, perhaps it was shipped with old drivers and I had some conflicts or something going on. As it turns out, there is an easy way to update the drivers on an HP laptop.

First, find and launch the HP Support Assistant. Just go to the start page (the page with all of the tiles) and type HP Support and the HP Support Assistant icon will pop up. Click on the icon.

Look at the left banner on the HP Support Assistant and find “Software and Drivers Installed”. Click on it.

On this page, click on the button that says “Check for HP Updates Now”.

This may take a few minutes, so go get a snack or a drink and come back in a little bit.

You will see a message that either says, “No Updates Available” or a list of recommended downloads. If you have been having problems with internet speed, you are really hoping there are some driver downloads available. If there are no updates available, then unfortunately you are going to have to keep searching for other solutions.

In my case, after I updated the drivers, the internet was no longer sluggish and I have been impressed with the computers performance ever since.