Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/4/2013

Braves in the MLB Playoffs

Kimbrell Mows Dodgers Down in Relief – Braves in the MLB National League Division Series Tied 1-1

Time Tracking Data for the Week

Goals – Got some extra sleep this week mostly by just getting to bed earlier on several nights and spending less time on Discretionary – Social. Discretionary – Social includes social media so this means less time on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Ninoff and others. Work was in control.

Top 5 – No travel this week so my normal 2 hour daily commute is back in the Top 5. Personal Run is on the increase as my weekly run mileage is on the rise as I get ready for The Mississippi Blues Marathon in 15 weeks.

This week I started tracking Personal Routines and Personal Routines Meals to see if Meals made a significant contribution and it does at nearly 50% of the hours in this category. If I had not split this category, Personal Routines would be #3 on the list behind Work. I’m glad I made this change because I think it gives me more information that I can work with to make decisions.

Watch TV breaks in to the TOP 5!!! This is a first. My TV watching normally averages less than 1 hour per week. But during college football season I watch the Texas A&M Aggies and if the Braves are in the playoffs, I watch some Braves games.

Other observations on the Top 5 include:

  • Finished reading Fearless and started reading When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde. This book is about a boy that get’s abandoned as an infant and how his life turns out. Good read so far. I get a free book every month from the Kindle lending library so I try and take advantage of that.
  • Wrote more blog posts this week.

On to the summary.

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (5), links follow. Work (1)

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Accomplishments for this week


– Solidly productive week completing several projects and action items. Also had a high school senior from a local high school spend one day with me seeing what happens where I work. It’s part of his senior project where he is considering a career in Mechanical Engineering.

– Learn

– Still working with my German having committed nearly 1000 vocabulary words to memory and practicing my verbs and sentence structures.
– Using three tools to improve my German language skills. 1. VociTeach Android App. (849 words back in long term memory) 2. http://www.Memrise.com – completed the German course and I’m working on the 1000 words of German (lots of which I already know but good review) 3. http://www.duolingo.com – working up through levels. This is a more challenging course than what they have on Memrise.


– Three quality runs this week. 12 miles at Choctaw Trails on Sunday. 800x600x600 intervals at the Prep track Tuesday. 2×20 minute tempo run at marathon target pace. On track for Mississippi Blues Marathon.
– Registered for The Mississippi 50 trail run next March. This will be my first 50 mile race.

– Social

– Just the minimum connecting with people on social media and email.
– Also celebrated on of our team member’s birthday at work. I brought cake and drinks and someone else brought cookies. Nice to relax with the team for a little while.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Short week this week as I am taking Thursday and Friday off. Need to get ready for next weeks trip to Texas to finalize plans for the November SCAMPI B CMMI appraisal.

– Learn

– Use VociTeach, Memrise and Duolingo for German language. Also spend time in Google+ German community posting and responding to posts.
– Still trying to come up with a project I can do using German to continue to push my learning.

– Run

– Build mileage and keep getting two to three runs in with some speed work. Targeting 7:45 to 8:00 minute pace for Mississippi Blues Marathon.

– Social

– My wife’s Birthday is this week. Need to get that planned out.
– Another team member birthday at work. I’ll be doing some shopping for that.