How to Fix Google Drive Sync Error

I love my Chromebook. I use it for almost everything. As much time as I spend and as many places as I go on the internet, I am careful about my passwords. I change them periodically and I make them complex. Recently I changed my Google password which means I have to enter it again in several places, but that’s no big deal.

Later I noticed I could not access my Google drive from other apps and I had and the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen was yellow. It’s usually grey so I clicked on it and there was an error that said:

“Sync Error: Click to Log out and log in again…”

So I clicked on it and the browser closed and took me back to the log in screen where I entered my new password carefully and was able to log back in. But I still had the sync error. I did some research on the Google and Chromebook communities on Google+.  Here’s how you fix it. Get something to write with because this one is complex.

Step 1 – Turn the computer power off. Power down completely. Don’t just log out, power off.

Step 2 – Turn the computer on.

Step 3 – Log in

That’s it.

I don’t know why Chrome tells you logging out and logging back in will fix it, because it won’t. Usually  I restart my Chromebook about once a week or so. Most other times I just close it, but this is at least one good reason to shut it all the way down.