3, No Make That 4 x 2000m

Workout summary:

20 minute warm up
4 x 2000m (1.25mile) intervals at average 06:39 mile pace
10 minute cool down

Interval Split Table 4 x 2000m

I wrote last week about going out too fast, pressing too hard early and the connection between this behavior and fear of failure. This week in my interval training I wanted to work on controlling that feeling of urgency and then pressing later in the interval. I did better today and was happy with the results. The training plan said to run the intervals at 10K pace. My 10K PR was this past February at 41:56 at the Bob Coleman Winter Classic; a 6:45 pace. But I am better conditioned now and on a flat track felt like 06:40 was a better target pace.

Every interval, I started out at what felt like a slow pace compared to the target and I waited for the Garmin to tell me to SPEED UP and then I would gradually increase the pace. I think I still was to aggressive on the first interval, but I settled down on 2 and 3.

My training plan actually called for 3 x 2000m, but at the end of 3, I felt strong enough for a 4th and so I added one to the plan. I pressed hard on the last lap and dropped my overall pace to 06:34 for the last lap. It was satisfying to still have enough energy well in to a quality run to be able to drop the pace to 5K pace and hold it for 800m.

I learned more about myself as a runner this morning and developed more confidence in my kick. Looking ahead at next weeks planned 800m intervals, I want to hold off early even more and try and dig myself a deeper time hole to run out of.

Anyone else like to run from behind or have some tips on how to control your pace early?