Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/11/2013

Weekly Time Tracking Week Ending 10/11/13

Goals – Had two days of vacation last week so I got some extra sleep and my work hours were obviously much lower than normal.

Top 5 – Discretionary time with the family was way up this week as you would expect with vacation time. It was my wife’s birthday and homecoming. Continued increasing running mileage in training for the Mississippi Blues Marathon.

I was more motivated this week to write blog posts, so I spent more time on it.

Finally, Business – Learn made an appearance this week for the first time in a long time. When I have time off, I like to spend some of it finding new things to learn. This week I learned about Network Administration as in the Information Technology kind.

Finished reading When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Have not picked out my next book yet.

On to the summary.

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (4) and one new Page, links follow. Work (0)

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Accomplishments for this week


– Completed some key action items which I needed to get done before going on vacation. Helped complete an objective evidence matrix for the Work Management and Control project. It’s not my project, but the lead needed some help getting this done.

– Learn

– Still working with my German having committed  1024 vocabulary words to memory and continued to use VociTeach Android App, http://www.Memrise.com and http://www.duolingo.com. Also using exercises on dict.cc and another website german.net.
– I’ve decided to learn more about computer networks and administration of same. Planning to write a blog post about this later.


– Began using the calendar and workouts in the Garmin dashboard. Loading my marathon training plan in it weekly and setting mileage goals. Enjoyed my runs this week, especially the interval training and tempo run.

– Social

– Big week for social with birthdays and homecoming.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Travel back to Dallas for the last workshop prior to our SCAMPI B appraisal in November. Hope to tie up a lot of loose ends and start making plans for life after the appraisal.

– Learn

– Keep working on German Language.
– Learn more about Network Administration.
– Play around with Khan Academy. I like how they are gamifying learning.

– Run

– 55 Mile week planned which will be capped off with a 19 mile long run with the last 4 miles at marathon pace. Need to plan on having someone pace me those last 4 miles.

– Social

– Going to Oxford, MS this weekend with my son to watch Texas A&M and Ole Miss play. We plan to get there early and hang out in The Grove at a friends tailgate and spend some time at the Texas A&M tailgate.