Marathon Interval Training

My weekly mileage has been on the rise as I prepare for my January marathon. Two weeks ago I covered 45 miles, last week 50 and this week I am planning 55 miles. Here are the summaries of my two interval workouts this week.

I’m on travel this week with no track available, but there is a half mile oval loop around a shopping center parking lot across from my hotel. At 5am there are no cars to worry about. There was a slight incline/decline and a strong headwind/tailwind on the long legs.

Total 8 Miles  800M Intervals  2 sets of 4
20 min warm up, 90 seconds between reps
Rep Set 1 – 800M Set 2 – 800M
1 0:06:37 0:06:39  Mile Pace
2 0:06:42 0:06:39  Mile Pace
3 0:06:41 0:06:41  Mile Pace
4 0:06:37 0:06:35  Mile Pace
5 min rest 5 min cool down

The day before this run my legs felt tired so I was really happy with how good I felt during this run. Able to easily run under my marathon target pace without pushing myself at max effort, picking up the pace on each successive interval.

Total 10 Miles  3 x 15 minute  Marathon Pace 7:45
20 min warm up
15 minutes @ 7:32
5 minute rest
15 minutes @ 7:26
5 minute rest
15 minutes @ 7:23
10 minute Cool Down

I’m pretty excited about how well things are going. My body feels good with only minor aches and pains. I am exceeding my target times in my quality work outs and improving my mental focus during these harder work outs.

I am running 6 days a week with 2 easy days, 1 aerobic steady state run, 2 quality (intervals, tempo), 1 long.

I’ll rest tomorrow and finish up the week with 6 miles on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.