Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/18/2013


Time Tracking Data for Last Week


Travel weeks are long on work hours and short on sleep. Pretty consistent trend that I don’t sleep well on the road. Add in some long runs and you have pretty poor sleep quality.

Top 5

Discretionary social was way up this week since I made the trip to Oxford with my son for the Aggie game. What a game it was. Also had some good social networking time with work friends this week.

Still cranking out 3 or 4 blog posts a week and wishing I was writing one or maybe two more.

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (4) and one new Page, links follow. Work (0)

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Accomplishments for this week


– Spent the week in Dallas with the Operations Process Group working preparing for the CMMI Scampi B appraisal which is coming up in two weeks.

– Learn

– Still working with my German having committed  1052 vocabulary words to memory and continued to use VociTeach Android App, http://www.Memrise.com and http://www.duolingo.com. Also using exercises on dict.cc and another website german.net. Time spent on German was down significantly this week.
– Spent a little bit of time, researching network and system administration.


– Great week of running with 3 good quality workouts. Wrote about two of them in Marathon Interval Training.

– Social

– Drove to Oxford, MS with my son to watch my Texas A&M Aggies barely beat Ole Miss on a last second field goal. Incredible game with 41 points scored in fourth quarter. Whew!
– Went to dinner with two work friends from the LA office at The Flying Saucer in Addison. It was Trivia Bowl night which was fun.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Back in the home office working on action items in preparation for the appraisal. Big ticket items include mapping objective evidence for specific practices to several practice areas. It’s annual review time so I have to get input on my team members from other supervisors and prepare their ratings.

– Learn

– Keep working on German Language.
– Learn more about System Administration.
– Play around with Khan Academy. I like how they are gamifying learning.

– Run

– 51 Mile week planned making this somewhat of a rest week as I back of the mileage and have fewer hard workouts.

– Social

– Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs meet this week. Looks like an interesting agenda with a presentation from Mad Genius at http://www.madg.com