Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/25/2013


Need to pay closer attention to my sleep, mainly getting to bed early enough. As my training miles increase over the next few weeks, rest and recovery will become more important. Work hours were under control this week.

Top 5

Definitely had a rest and relaxation attitude this week, otherwise known as feeling lazy. I spent less time doing productive stuff and more time just vegging out in front of the TV. This is unusual for me, but sometimes it’s what is needed.

I track what I watch on TV. Using http://www.quantifiedawesome.com, I added a text field to record the name of the programs. Here’s the list from last week that made up the 8+ hours sitting in front of the flat screen. It’s all sports: Football and the Badwater Marathon.

{“Show Title”:”ESPN College Game Day”}
{“Show Title”:”ESPN Gameday”}
{“Show Title”:”Football Auburn at Texas A&M”}
{“Show Title”:”Football Auburn at Texas A&M”}
{“Show Title”:”Football”}
{“Show Title”:”NFL Football”}
{“Show Title”:”NFL Football”}
{“Show Title”:”The Badwater Marathon”}

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (3) and one new Page, links follow. Work (0)

Runner Self Talk – You Know You Do It
Marathon Long Run – Throwing Out the Playbook
Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/18/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Only one week left to SCAMPI B. The organization has made a lot of progress but you never really know exactly how things are going until fresh eyes from the outside come and take a look.
– My Blackberry Bold finally became inoperable so I have switched to the company iPhone.

– Learn

– Still working with my German having committed  1092 vocabulary words to memory and continued to use VociTeach.
– Read a blog post on best language learning tools and found AnkiDroid. This is VociTeach on steroids. I have 1200 words in VociTeach; AnkiDroid has in excess of 10,000! I’ve learned nearly 1100 in VociTeach and another 100 in AnkiDroid.


– This was an “easier” 50 mile week. I know how smug that sounds, sorry. Fewer miles, slower pace, but still a lot of running. Wrote a blog post about the conversation in my head during my long run this week: Runner Self Talk

– Social

– Despite being extremely tired and not wanting to go, I chided myself in to attending the Jackson Tech Entrepreneurs meetup after work one night this week. Glad I did as my friend JC was there and I met one of his cohorts. The presentation by the founder and CEO of Mad Genius (www.madg.com) was excellent. Bare knuckles entrepreneurism.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Finalize actions leading in to SCAMPI B appraisal.
– Complete annual ranking and rating process for employees on my team and update my own accomplishments, knowing the same is being done by my supervisors.
– Team safety celebration to acknoweldge teams committment. They have completed 100% of the planned safety gembas for 43 straight weeks this year.

– Learn

– Keep working on German Language. Focus on vocabulary.

– Run

– 55 Mile week planned as I ramp the mileage back up. Looking forward to track work, tempo run and a long run during the weekend.

– Social

– HALLOWEEN and Birthdays!!! My youngest daughter is a mermaid (Ariel) this year and I am King Neptune. Pictures will be taken and shared.
– Halloween karaoke birthday party at our friends house.