Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/1/2013

King Triton and Ariel - Halloween 2013

King Triton and Ariel – Halloween 2013


Last week I said I needed to get more sleep but I really did not look forward to the week ahead of me. As it turns out I had two days which afforded opportunities to get more sleep and I took advantage. Took one day off from work this week so work hours were down although the days I did work were long and grueling.

Top 5

Discretionary family time jumped up this week as we had some thing going on at home that took some focused time on my part, pushing some of the usual categories down. It was a pretty hectic week with one family member having outpatient surgery, another family member having a birthday and Halloween too! Also watched a couple of movies this week, just some good old relaxing entertainment:

Minority Report

Weekly Summary

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Weekly Review – Week Ending 10/25/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Closed out a number of action items ahead of the Operations SCAMPI B appraisal next week.
– Working on employee ranking and rating which is always presents a few challenges. This time around is not different.
– I bought ingredients to make sundaes with the team to celebrate achieving our safety goals in 43 consecutive weeks. Yum!
– Kicked off a project to implement more technology in to our visual management processes. Specifically we are considering software and touch screens and mobile devices that we can use to track, present and access production data and assign action items.

– Learn

– Still working with my German having committed 1125 vocabulary words to memory and continued to use VociTeach and AnkiDroid. I am under reporting my German learning because I can do this while commuting but that time gets logged as Unpaid Work – Commute. I think I am getting an average of 30 more minutes per day than I am recording.


– Amping back up after a relatively easy week. Had a solid track workout and an additional marathon goal pace tempo run.

– Social

– Birthday parties and Halloween. Our neighbors up the street had a karaoke party for their sons birthday on Saturday night. Our neighbors down the street had a party for Halloween on Friday night (was rained out on Thursday) which was fun. Met and got to know some of our neighbors and their family better. Kids had a blast!

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Kick off the Operations CMMI SCAMPI B appraisal in McKinney, TX. We’ll be appraising the entire week.

– Learn

– Keep working on German Language. Focus on vocabulary.
– Set up a Khan Academy account for my 7 year old daughter.

– Run

– 61 Mile week planned as I continue to increase mileage now 10 weeks away from the Mississippi Blues Marathon.
– Important workout planned this week: 13.1 mile time trial.

– Social

– Visit with family while in Texas.
– Do some business social networking.