Using the Course Feature on a Garmin 305

I’ve had a Garmin 305 for a couple of years, but only recently started using the course feature. The first time was an adventure as I was unprepared for how to read the screens and kept wandering off course until I figured things out. Here’s a few pointers.

1. Create your course on your computer in the Garmin Dashboard at  At the top of the page, roll over the Plan tab with your mouse and you will see an option for Courses. You can program the course and set a target pace. Set the target pace. It is important to get the most out of the watch display.

Roll Over Plan Tab and Select Courses

2. After you are done setting up your course, in the upper right corner of the screen select “Send to Device”. Of course your Garmin has to be connected to the computer through the USB port.

Send to Device

3. When you are ready to run, on the Garmin 305 menu, press the Mode button (lower left) until you see the menu selection screen History, Training, Navigation, etc.

4. Press the down button (middle right) twice to highlight Training and press Enter (lower right).

5. You should see menu options for Training Options, Workouts, Courses, etc. Press the down button (middle right) twice to highlight Courses then Press the Enter button (lower right).

6. You should see your course listed on the screen. If you don’t see your course, use the up or down arrows on the right side of the Garmin to scroll until you see your course and press Enter. If there are  courses on the list you don’t want, just highlight the one you want to delete and press enter and select delete.

7. You should now see a list of menus Do Course, Edit Course, Map, Profile, Delete Course. Select Do Course and it will take you to a screen that shows Distance to Course, Time to Course, Distance to End and Course Time. If you are at the Course start, press the start/stop button and start running.

8. If you are familiar with the course, press the down arrow until you see the split screen with the pacer fellow and you on the top half and the Distance Ahead/Behind on the bottom. Race that little fellow to the end.

9. If you don’t know the course or want a route line display, press the Enter button (lower right) and a route map zoomed in to your location will appear. You will see two arrows or what I call carrots on the route. The dark one is you, the light one is the pace arrow. Keep the black arrow on the course and ahead or with the light arrow.

That’s it. If you wander off course the Garmin will tell you and ask you to “Press Enter” (lower right) which takes you to the route map if you are not on that screen.

Before you try and run a course, pull one up on the Garmin, select Do Course and play around with the screens to get comfortable with which ones you want. I didn’t do that and had to try and figure it out while running, and concentrating on pace and not falling and holding water… it ahead of time.

I think this works great and I may use it for my up coming marathon. Good Luck!