Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/8/2013

21 Mile Training Run – 9 Weeks Until the Mississippi Blues Marathon


Slept well this week despite traveling which is a good sign or a bad sign. Good that I am managing stress and distractions better, but maybe a sign that I am just getting too well adjusted to being gone from home. It’s just practical that exchanging my usual 50 minute commute for a 15 minute commute makes it easier to get more sleep.

Top 5

WORK – SLEEP – RUN – LEARN, pretty much sums up the week. One third of my discretionary time was spent on Khan Academy. Got a bit obsessed with the new web interface and spent a lot of time doing math. Silly right, but my saving grace is that some of the time I was using time that would have otherwise been unproductive. However, I have to admit that this type of thing sucks me in. I want to fill out the Mission Progress Grid shown here. The dark blues squares indicate where I have “mastered” a skill. Khan gives you all several other tracking metrics and points trackers. It’s a really compelling tool. My use of Khan has reduced my German Language learning down to vocabulary only which is still going well.

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (3) and one new Page, links follow. Work (0)

Using the Course Feature on the Garmin 305
What to Eat and Drink on a Long Run
Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/01/2013

Accomplishments for this week


– Started the Operations SCAMPI B appraisal in McKinney Texas this week. I signed a confidentially agreement which is standard for these appraisals so I won’t be sharing specifics, but overall the week was successful with the exception of one setback with the software application we use for collecting and analyzing the results.

– Learn

– As shown above, I made spent a lot of time re-learning math on Khan academy which was fun.
– Still working with my German having committed over 1200 vocabulary words to memory with VociTeach and AnkiDroid.


– Ran a half marathon on the MS Blues Half Marathon course as a workout and ended up setting a PR for myself at that distance. :0! 1:37:06 on a very hilly course. Needless to say I am happy about that. Wrote about it here:

What To Eat and Drink on a Long Run

– Social

–  Got in lots of business networking while in Texas last week but was not able to connect with one person who has added me to their succession plan. Just too much going on during these appraisal weeks and I think building the relationships with the appraisal team members takes priority right now.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Operations CMMI SCAMPI B appraisal moves to week 2 in Forest, MS next week. Goal will be to get most (over 80%) of the appraising completed and start working towards a final findings briefing.

– Learn

– Get better organized with my learning activity. Make a plan.
– Something new pops up and I get obsessed and lose traction with the last thing before making enough progress to yield a significant accomplishment from use of the new knowledge. Feels like I am having issues balancing learning with discretionary entertainment (watching sports on tv, movies) and family time, but the time tracking data suggests the total hours are pretty stable in those categories, I just keep bouncing from one learning topic to another.

– Run

– Mileage drops down a little bit this week for a bit of a recovery week from a challenging 61 miles last week to 56 miles this coming week.
– Key Workouts: Interval training and Marathon Goal Pace Tempo Run

– Social

– Do some business social networking with the CMMI Appraisal Team while Mississippi.
– Taking my daughter and three of her friends to see Disney on Ice: Heroes and Princesses