Weekly Review – Week Ending 11/15/2013


48 Hours

Less Than 48 Hours Later

Kyle Field renovations are underway!!!


I experienced some trouble sleeping this week during the middle of the week which meant long runs and long days on short nights sleep. YAWN! But my energy level was high during the day and my running was good. Later in the week sleep got back to normal. I think stress was factoring in to my sleep habits. About two or three times a month, I’ll have a night where I have a hard time getting to sleep. I usually read until I get drowsy again but sometimes that can mean I read from 1 to 2:30AM. Not good. I’ve thought about getting a prescription for those occasions but I worry about side effects. Next time I’m in for a check up I’ll ask the doc.

Top 5

WORK – SLEEP – RUN – RELAX – DRIVE That pretty much sums up the week. This week WORK and SLEEP changed places as my sleep hours were way down from last week. LEARN was bumped out of the Top 5 because I watched Texas A&M beat Mississippi State in their last game on the old Kyle Field. Then I watched some of Alabama dismantling LSU. I also watched the Cowboys get smoked by New Orleans.

Weekly Summary

Blog Posts This Week – Personal (0) and one new Page, links follow. Work (0)

Why no blog posts this week which is the first week to do so in a long time? It was a combination of two things:

1. I chose to do some other things.

2. I was pouting. I was mad at WordPress because I wrote a blog post analyzing the traffic on my blog and even though the autosave box popped up frequently, somehow the post was not saved and I lost it. There are two interfaces where you can write a post. I normally work in the dashboard but I decided to write one in the “Quick Press” area and that’s where the problem occurred. First time this has happened and it depressed me, so I closed the laptop and pouted for a week. I feel better now.

Accomplishments for this week


– Completed Week 2 of 3 of the Operations SCAMPI B appraisal. This week we were at my work location and I am the lead for the site, so it was a much more stressful week (see comments on lack of sleep above). I’m not worried about the results of the appraisal, but the logistics of executing one of these events is complicated.

– Learn

– As mentioned above Learn got pushed down the list but not off the list. I worked on my German vocabulary words using VociTeach and AnkiDroid, pushing my total learned words up to 1210. Also spent some time on Khan Academy, but all of it was on Sunday for this week.

Khan Academy Activity Nov 2 – Nov 9, 2013


– Highlight of the week was a 21 mile run at 8:18 min/mile pace on the Mississippi Blues Marathon course. Ran part of the way with several guys from the Johnny Love Running Machine (JLRM) group. Great to catch up with these guys (Mark, Johnny,  Newman) and get in a few extra miles with Bryan.

– Social

– Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes was a big hit (I liked it too)!
– Also had dinner one night at Georgia Blue with 7 members of the CMMI Appraisal team.

Goals and Plans for next week

– Work

– Conclude the Operations CMMI SCAMPI B appraisal in McKinney, TX. We’ll be appraising the entire week, first in Dallas and then finishing the week in McKinney.

– Learn

– Set some more specific learning goals for German language and Khan Academy. Not so worried about doing anything with what I am learning yet.

– Run

– Two big events planned this week. Monster 1600m interval workout and planning on racing in the 12Ks for the Holidays this Saturday. This is a hilly course that is also part of the Mississippi Blues Marathon course. Ran this race last year in 48:50 (8th place overall), so this will give me an indication of how well conditioned I am. I won’t be particularly rested so it won’t surprise me if my time is slower, but I will be paying attention to how hard I am working and how much power I can muster on the uphills.

– Social

– Visit with family while in Texas.
– Do some business social networking.